Pinterest and Other Crafty Time-Sucks

Pinterest is a nifty web site.  If you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth stopping by and requesting an invitation to join.  (It’s so addictive that they won’t let just anyone in.)  Imagine that Martha Stewart had her own website to let you browse, organize, and save all of the creative things you should be doing with cloth napkins and pine cones.  Or a dried starfish and some organic lemongrass.  Or make-your-own gravy boats with clay from your own backyard.  Pinterest is like that. Only much, much worse.

These ideas are couched in luxurious photography and simple directions like, “Use your homemade lavender syrup to glaze the poppy seed crust.” I get lured in by the aesthetics so that it starts to feel effortless.  Why yes, I CAN braid my own hair in an office-ready fishtail in 17 easy steps!

The do-it-yourself family ideas are fantastic.  One look at these pictures and suddenly I’m Mrs. Cosby, Mrs. Brady, and Mrs. Leave It to Beaver all rolled into one.  Take a gander at a few that I’ve collected:

And my favorite:  Construct a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley in your backyard.

Some of these activities are so cool that I will definitely try them.  Others are so ridiculous that I snort at myself for even considering such shenanigans.  If I attempt half of the ideas I’ve collected, I’ll be a shoo-in for Mother of the Year.

Maybe I’ll start small, with some cooking.  Do you have a recipe for homemade lavender syrup?  I can’t remember where I left mine.

Come join me in the time suck that is Pinterest!  If you want to follow my Pins (and see the full collection of zany family activities I’ve amassed), you can find me here:
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