What Good Husbands Do

I told my husband that I wouldn’t write about him on the blog.  He didn’t ask me to abstain; I just figured it was easier that way.  If I don’t mention him much, then I eliminate the chance that I will inadvertently start a squabble.  So far, so good.

Being a mom is tough work.  So is being a father.  Everyone is so busy taking care of the little people, that we often forget to take care of the big people. Or the dog (sorry Dwight — I promise we’ll go for a walk tomorrow!)  A good partner can make your day a thousand times easier just by lifting your spirits.

Men, take note:  these are some things that will always yield positive results.

  • Bring flowers for no reason.  Okay, there is a reason–but if he buys you flowers immediately following an argument, it would look like he’s buying flowers just to suck up.  If he waits a few weeks, he’ll get credit for being a sweet guy instead of a suckup.  Evil genius, or crafty planning?  Both!
  • Give you the church giggles during childbirth class.  You can’t breathe through the fake contractions when you’re trying desperately to not disrupt the no-nonsense couples giving you the “shut up” glare.
  • Know when to pick up takeout on his way home from work without being asked.
  • Know what to order for you from said takeout joints.
  • Decorate the baby’s room himself, and makes it a surprise.  In a good way.
  • Give you the last cookie, leftover dinner, etc. even though you can tell he really wants it himself.  He may give you a hard time about it, but he’ll always fork it over.
  • Enjoy the company of your friends and family (at least 75% of the time)
  • Get better at buying birthday and holiday presents each year.  Even if the gifts aren’t always a home run, consistent improvement shows that he’s paying attention.
  • Look awesome in matching father/son hats.
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1 Response to What Good Husbands Do

  1. I enjoyed th list. I think the key is compromise and making he effort. I won’t say I am a great husband but I make the effort most of the time.

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