About the Blogroll, Part 2

Back to my amazing friends and family who are blogging.  I’m an only child, but I was blessed with a ton of awesome cousins.  This installation of “About the Blogroll” is about two more of these fantastically talented family members.



Leah is an artist.  In fact, she’s just graduated from art school.  Her work is thoughtful and interesting — art that makes you think is the best kind, no?  In the future I will continue to brag about Leah, and say that I knew her before she was famous.  A sample of her art is on her blog.  Get to know her now while you can still afford to own one of her pieces!

Beautiful Hannah

Maters and Mongrels

“Mongrels” is an inside joke in our family.  Our grandmother is notorious for not liking dogs.  She was a farm girl, and dogs are working animals.  In her mind, they belong outside with the chickens.  She calls any dog, regardless of pedigree, a mongrel. Hence the blog name.

Jamie developed some keen wordsmithing skills as a journalist.  She is also a dog lover, and she and her husband adopted dogs worth writing about.  Combine that with her in-progress dream of starting her own farm, and you’ve got yourself a very entertaining blog.  Join Jamie’s adventures in beekeeping, dog wrangling, and organic farming.

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1 Response to About the Blogroll, Part 2

  1. Well I need to update Maters and Mongrels STAT, don’t I? 😉 I haven’t been back since a little before ole Hannah passed away, so this is the fire under my bottom I needed. Thank you, cuz!

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