Exuberant Car Singing

The weather in Maryland this week has been fantastic.  The heat has finally broken, and we’ve been blessed with sunny days and 70-degree temps.  “That’s nice,” you say, “but what does that have to do with anything?”  I’ll tell you, my friend — unbridled car singing.

The car is a great place to belt out a tune.  Much better than the shower, which may be too quick to really feel like you’re in concert somewhere.  But in the car you can be Aretha Franklin.  In the car, you ARE Aretha Franklin.  My older son has decided that he doesn’t enjoy my singing, in the car or otherwise.  The second I begin he starts whining like someone is coming at him with cold asparagus. If I really want to let loose with the vocal cords, I need to do it when I’m absolutely alone in the car.  That’s about 15 minutes a week so I need to make those minutes count.

Cruising down a country road, sunshine in my squinted eyes, browning corn fields rustling in the warm breeze, I had a few moments today to wail with the windows down.  If these aren’t on your playlist, go find them.  They’re instant mood-improvers.

Ahem-hem.  Throat clear?  Here we go!

And this one…any song that combines making out with marmalade is okay by me.

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2 Responses to Exuberant Car Singing

  1. Angie Robinson says:

    Ah, the memories. When my son and I would make the 45 minute return trip from visiting grandma and grandpa on the weekends, we would sing in the car. He used to complain about my singing, but if I turned the volume up, it didn’t bother him as much. Lol. Then, he would sing too and now we are concert buddies. It’s great mother son bonding. Of course I’ll be the first in the class to need a hearing aid.

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