In early September I left my job.  I am actively searching for a new one, but in the meantime, I get to experience what it would be like to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Days in the park, long walks with the kids and Dwight in the jog stroller–I even made cookies!  The best part, aside from extra bonding time with my smoochies, is that I get to chip away at all of those pesky chores that I never had time for when I was working.  Hallway:  painted.  Extra books:  donated.  Extra other crap: Goodwill.  Homemade play dough:  in fridge.  My list is endless, and I love crossing things off.  Next stop, the dump!

However wonderful it’s been, my time home has had an unintended consequence–Mommyitis.   This malady strikes only those under four feet tall, and  includes the following symptoms:

  • Clinging to Mommy’s legs
  • Whining to capture every nanosecond of Mommy’s attention
  • Fear of situations that used to be faced with bravery
  • Crippling anxiety when Mommy leaves the room
  • Refusing to be consoled by anyone other than Mommy

Don’t get me wrong; I like to feel wanted.  But all of this neediness from my usually well-adjusted boys is a little unsettling.   How does one unload the dishwasher with a tiny person attached to your leg?  Or run downstairs to start a load of laundry without returning to crying toddlers?  Will I ever be able to close the bathroom door again?

I’ll admit that this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. I’ll be curious to see what happens when I return to work.  Will they each grab a leg to immobilize my every move, or will they kiss me and send me on my way?  In the meantime, I will combat Mommyitis with a strict regimen of trips to the playground, tickle fights, and storybooks.

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