Top 10 Reasons I Like Having Two One-Year-Olds

Top 10

We are now in the part of the calendar where the boys are the same age. Only one more week until Cade turns two!  It seemed an appropriate time for this Top 10 list.   In no particular order, the top 10 reasons I love having kids who are 10 months apart:

  1. Having kids in the same season means we can re-use all the clothes! Poor Grady may not have new duds for years.
  2. They have seriously loved each other from Day 1.  Well, Cade has.  I can’t account for Grady’s feelings those first few months when babies just lay around.
  3. Being pregnant immediately after having Cade really lowered the pressure to lose the baby weight.
  4. As soon as Grady was mobile, they were instant playmates.  This actually happened before Grady was mobile, but he couldn’t contribute much to playtime other than the occasional smile of encouragement.
  5. I didn’t need a refresher course in diapering, or swaddling, or how to function on three hours of sleep.
  6. When you’re pregnant for two years straight, even the mildest weight loss feels really awesome.
  7. You quickly learn which pieces of living room/basement/kids’ bedroom furniture are suitable for adult sleep, often accidentally.
  8. The Pampers rewards points rack up super fast.
  9. When carrying them around, they are both small enough that I can get one on each hip.
  10. I wasn’t using my gall bladder anyway.
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