People I’d Like to Be for a Day

Sometimes I think it would be lovely to hop into someone else’s life for a day.  Just to see what the world looks like through their eyeballs, or to try my hand at their skills, learn their secrets, etc.  Here are four people whose lives I would like to borrow, just for 24 hours. Who would you borrow?

9620_133261113665_4903138_nMy 17-year-old self

Oh, the advice I have for you, sister.  The advice I have for YOU. (No cracks about the photo, please).




The First LadyMartha Washington

It doesn’t really matter which first lady.  I would just like to be her for the day to see the inside of the White House, eat lunch prepared by the chef, and stroll around the rose garden.  If there’s a state dinner with royalty, I could slide into my ball gown and hostess my diplomatic butt off.  I have no interest in being President–too much stress and it’s a thankless damn job.  All I need to see is how gray Obama has gotten vs. Michelle, and I know whose job I’d rather have.

Steve NicksStevie Nicks

I really don’t think this needs an explanation.




Taylor Swift

See?  Jaunty banjo.

See? Jaunty banjo.

This might seem random, but think about it:  she’s young, spunky, and plays a jaunty banjo.  She also flips that terrific hair around while raking ex-boyfriends through the coals in award-winning songs.  And she’s likely to have smooched on Jake Gyllenhaal, which I can’t argue with.

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