Delicious, Delicious PBS

Okay — I started the first blog of 2013 with the following:

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new year.  Resolutions made and quickly broken, imaginings about what lies ahead, et cetera and so forth.  This year I didn’t have the blush of newness.  I got something even better–my old self. 

That’s nice and all, but I couldn’t get any farther because of Downton Abbey.  I don’t know what it is about this show, but I can’t get enough. My free time for blogging has been sucked up by the Crawleys.  In no particular order, I blame my near obsession on the following.

  • Sumptuous clothing. I could spend hours in Lady Mary’s closet. Downton
  • Matthew. He’s the perfect combo of gentleman, warm companion, and blue eyes that promise of some really nice smooching behind a tree on the glorious abbey grounds. The grounds are so beautiful they could be their own reason for watching.
  • The intrigue of the servants as they wrangle for position in the house.
  • Maggie Smith.  There’s a reason she gets the best lines.
  • The will they/won’t they of Mary and Matthew was done really well.

This list should be longer, but a new episode is coming on and I’ve gotta run.

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