Funny Ladies

I have nothing profound to share in this week’s post, so I will blather about one of my favorite topics:  books.

I’m the kind of gal who needs to read a chapter of something before I close my eyes at night.  Because I read almost every night of the year, I can cruise through a lot of books. (Side note:  I didn’t read much at all when the kids were babies, because let’s face it:  sleep deprivation is a cruel beast and I was usually asleep before I had both feet in the bed. Now I’m back to official bookworm status.)

Nonfiction doesn’t usually tempt me.  Not because there isn’t good nonfiction out there, but fiction just grabs me more.  Surprisingly, I have a new addiction — memoirs written by hilarious women.  We’re living in a Renaissance era for female comedians, and they are doing amazing and hysterical things.  There is no shortage of gut-busting TV, books, blogs, etc. to brighten your day.  I have no idea if men enjoy their humor as much as I do, but my husband has a big crush on Tina Fey. This leads me to believe that she’s bewitched him with her saucy banter, too. I can’t get enough of these books.

Tonight I will be curling up with Mindy Kaling.  If you’re in the mood for smart, witty writing, definitely check these out.  Are there any missing from my list?  If so, please recommend!

My current favs:

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