Daydream Believer

PowerballAfter multiple failed attempts to get the boys to nap today, I finally gave in and took them on a nap drive. (Immediately beforehand I learned that Cade HATES his new shoes.  Old ones are wet with creek water.  Barefoot was the winner). Once they conked out, I had plenty of time to get lost in my thoughts. Today’s daydream is all about what I’ll do with the $600 million I win in tonight’s Powerball.  Power of positive thinking, right?  I know that the odds of me winning are worse than getting hit multiple times by lightning while being attacked by a polar bear, but still — I figured I’d better get this list done before the drawing.  After the drawing, my dreams will be tainted by the shocking reality of actually having all that money.

Here is my dream list of how I’d spend it. (My attorney says that I have to say this list in no way implies any kind of contract should I win.  These are dreams only, and not my official “to do” list once I cash in).  I know some of these are incredibly nerdy.  Try not to judge, people.  By now you should know what makes me tick.

  • Large vacation house in the Outer Banks, NC that will be open to friends and family anytime. Maybe another in Rehoboth.
  • College tuition for nieces and nephews.  Full ride, baby!
  • A large tract of land upon which I will build a compound of houses for family.  We will be the new Kennedys. Houses will be designed with features that will suit family members in their golden years.  We’ll call it Powerball Assisted Living, PAL.  Catchy, right?  Pay off any mortgage balances to get the fam into the compound.
  • Enough cash for my favorite baker to set up her storefront.
  • A local house, probably in Annapolis, definitely on the water.  Not too big to be pretentious.  Cozy is just fine.  I’ll need a pier, too, for my very small sailboat.
  • A fund for my old debate league to use for student travel.  Nothing is harder than earning your way to nationals but being unable to go because of the cost.
  • Find a charity that is very effective in one of the following areas:  hunger eradication, disease eradication, education improvements for low socio-economic families, prevention of animal cruelty. Then give them enough money to do something wonderful.

    Penny: former puppy mill captive, current sofa hog.

  • Start a for-life animal shelter, like the one where we found Penny.
  • Private screening for all my dork friends when the new Star Wars comes out.  Also, a Harry Potter marathon in a theater just for us.
  • Annual vacation to the UK to see the rellies, or bring the UK to us.
  • Enough fun vacations and activities to give the kids a grand old time, but not so many that it changes who they are as little people.  They’re still going to public school.

And I’m not gonna lie — I see no need to work in the conventional sense.  But I would gather my closest education friends and start an amazing school for any child who wanted to come. That would be a true labor of love.

Plan B:  build an obscenely large house with lazy river around it.  Each time I float past the dock, a butler will be waiting there to refresh my beverage.

So what will YOU do with your winnings?

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1 Response to Daydream Believer

  1. Yael says:

    Wow! I’m so flattered that Baked by Yael made it on your list. Thanks, Em!!

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