DJ Jazzy Babies

I like to karaoke like nobody’s business in the car.  I’ve edited my playlist for when the boys are with me, but overall I listen to what I want while I still can — the boys will have an opinion soon.

Yesterday I gave Cade DJ duty.  I slowly drifted through my radio presets until he yelled “That one!” Both boys have been pestering me relentlessly to play Ho Hey by the Lumineers.  I can’t just play it once.  I have to loop it at least five times before Grady is satisfied.  At the end of each play, I hear a teeny “Again!” from the backseat.  It’s too cute to ignore.  Good thing I like that song. Or as much I can like a song that I hear 12 times a day.

So here, in all its glory, is Cade’s first playlist.  He bypassed Fleetwood Mac and Duran Duran for the below.  Hmmmm…what does that say about him as a kid?  Or me as an influence?  Better not think on that too much.

Alice in Chains

Taylor Swift


Phillip Phillips

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