No Substitutions, Please

I am a notorious recipe slacker.  Some people can look at a recipe and think, “This needs more cinnamon!”  I look at a recipe and think, “Damn – I forgot to buy eggs, cilantro, and sausage.  What do I have in the fridge that can pinch hit?”

Chicken Tikka

My chicken tikka looked absolutely nothing like this.

Sometimes I just skip the ingredient and hope for the best.  Other times, I shoehorn ingredients into the mixing bowl in the vain hope that I’ll get something palatable out of it. This week I was one cup of plain yogurt shy of a tasty chicken tikka.  Even though I had been standing in a grocery store an hour prior to dinner, I totally forgot to buy it.  Instead, I took my husband’s last passion fruit Chobani out of the fridge and carefully skimmed the plain part off the top.  Thank God for fruit on the bottom.  Dinner was simmering nicely, my yogurt stealthily holding together a delicious marinade…which I burnt into charcoal. Win some, lose some.

So this is my advice to all you busy cooks out there:  scrape off the burnt edges, omit the two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce or sifted flour.  Life’s an adventure.  See where the ingredients in your fridge take you!  Or, at the very least, see if you can concoct something worth eating after a long day of work and parenting.  You have a 50/50 shot. Either way, you still get an A for effort. Bon appetit!

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