Google + Wine + Books

Book wineTen years ago, I had the incredible luck to land a great job with coworkers who were all cut from whatever cloth I come from. We drove across the wilds of Nebraska together. We knew each other’s favorite breakfast from the Marriott Courtyard buffet.  We dyed each other’s hair because there was nothing-and I mean nothing-to do in the remote little town you were trapped in for the week. We suffered through a dinner at Fatty’s restaurant (their claim to fame – deep fried potato salad).  So let’s face it; once you’ve seen your coworker in her jammies, you’re pretty much connected for life.

Now we are connected by Google Hangout under the guise of “book club”.  People have moved away, moved on, started anew.  But every few months, we have a virtual book club meeting to talk about a book that 30% of us read. It’s an excuse to see each other, of course, even if it’s only for an hour and illuminated by the blue glow of the laptop screen. What’s important is that I laugh more in that hour than I do for the whole week, and I get to visit old friends for an hour or two.  What’s not to like?

Google Hangout.  Streaming ridiculous laughter to my living room since 2012.

(The Goodreads app on the bottom right side shows my recent reads – just in case you were more interested in the book part than the friend-y/wine-y part.)

Book wine 2

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2 Responses to Google + Wine + Books

  1. Marna Schindler says:


    I just wanted to thank you for bringing to my inbox the only thing I actually look forward to reading, other than the twice-weekly letters by Robert Genn, Canadian Artist & writer on all things art. Sadly, the latter have become no fun anymore, because last week Genn was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and we (his worldwide email audience) feel awful for him, and selfishly, awful that his delightful prose will one day be no more. I can say with 100% conviction, that reading *anything* from you is far more interesting than anything I otherwise had planned or been thinking of that moment. The moment before your email came in today, for example, a client had just called to return his painting which he purchased last month (and of course, corresponding booty is already spent). An art show dinged in simultaneously, asking for next August show’s COMPLETE booth fee. Aw, crap. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I see something ding in that is not somebody returning something or wanting money, but sharing lovely strings of words; gems, delectable candies of refuge, that are meant to just melt in the minds of their readers.

    Thank you for lighting up my life in such an artful way, with your wonderful words (and winning anecdotes and stories). I’m sure you don’t even know what delight you bring to readers like myself. If not for you and this here beer I’d be jumping out my window.

    Thanks for taking me along. I’m just one fan, but, keep on keepin’ on! We love you.


    • Emily Levitt says:

      That’s so sweet, Marna! Thanks very much for being a reader. I had fallen off the writing wagon these past weeks, but I’m diving back in! Hope all is well (and improving, based on your recap of your day). Glad we’re still in touch.

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