Yoga Pants = Workplace Efficiency

This week I found myself unexpectedly on the hunt for a new job.  Like anyone in my situation, I’ve started a daily slog through LinkedIn. I’m very much like a recently-single gal looking for love on  Only instead of searching for pleasant company over cocktails, my wiles and ability to pitch woo will determine how much longer we can pay the mortgage.  No pressure.

Also like, it can be an ego boost (or killer).  I update my profile, add new skills, throw out some professional bait, and wait.  How many nibbles will I get?  Will they all be worth keeping, or will I have to throw some back?  How much will I labor this metaphor?

I’m trying to be pragmatic with my expectations, because the job I lost was the perfect setup for Telecommutingme.  I worked from home 100% of the time, which meant that I had finally found that elusive netherworld called work/life balance. I got my work done well and fast.  I could take a 10 minute break and load the dishwasher or throw some laundry in the dryer.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it made a huge difference in my stress level.

I know that most companies don’t embrace the work-from-home model, and picture their employees in coffee-stained sweatpants, clutching a bowl of pretzels, and watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.  While there were many days I wore yoga pants, I have to say that I got a LOT done.  The time I would have spent commuting, putting on makeup, and engaging in morning chitchat with my cubicle neighbors went straight to my actual work.  I figure that working from home let me invest at least 90 extra minutes every day into my actual job. In productivity speak, that’s huge.  Why aren’t employers jumping on this bandwagon?

I know I may have to say goodbye to my work-from-home dream, but I sincerely hope I don’t have to.  I’m just not ready to part with my yoga pants.


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3 Responses to Yoga Pants = Workplace Efficiency

  1. Hope you don’t give up! Wish you the best and truly hope that you find the right fit for you! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Sending lots of positive thoughts!! Good luck finding a workplace that does not practice yoga pants discrimination!

  3. Losing your dream job is quite a journey with good and bad results, good luck on finding another dream job.

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