Long Days, Short Years

Today was one of those days that never seems to end.  Short version:

Kids up at 6:00.  Breakfast.  Watch Polar Express for the fortieth time.  Get everyone dressed (lots of refusal and thrashing around).  Get out the play tunnel and let them chase each other until they are winded. Take kids and dogs for a two-mile walk around the neighborhood.  Play with train table until voices are hoarse from saying “choo choo!” over and over.  Look at the clock.  Dear God, how can it only be 10:30?

Little people are cranky.  Pile into car and gas up for a nap drive.  Drive to Pennsylvania and back.  End drive at a kid-friendly restaurant for lunch.  Lose fight over which to eat first – mac and cheese or M&M cookie. Pile back into car for quick stop at the grocery store.  Go home.  Holy crap.  How is it only 1:30?

Do arts & crafts in the basement for what seems like eternity.  Have kids glue and color greeting cards for everyone you have ever met.  Watch first half of Elmo movie.  Go upstairs for what surely is time to start dinner.  Realize it is only 3:30.

Angry ThomasMore train table.  Sorely tempted to let them watch Polar Express again.  Finally – dinner time!  Both refuse to eat.  Little kid wrestling on the couch for 45 minutes.  Try to feed them again.  Grady dissolves into biggest sobbing tantrum ever when I have the audacity to give him mac and cheese leftovers.  Demands instead to brush his teeth WHILE he is eating a granola bar. Both watch Ravens/Bears overtime like they truly understand it.  Time for pajamas. Massive complaining and thrashing about when presented with jammies.

Berger Cookie StoutDonning sleepwear takes 20 minutes. Husband cooking in kitchen and accidentally clogging the kitchen sink that will require a trip to Home Depot to fix.  Ready to enter bedroom for story time when both start demanding yogurt.  Can’t be that mom who puts her kids to bed hungry.  Chobani for everyone!  Read Green Eggs & Ham twice while they slurp Greek yogurt. Kisses, kisses.  Tuck, tuck.  Lights out.

For the love of God, beer.

The days are long, but the years are short.  Parents, take LOTS of pictures and video. You think you will remember details of these exciting first years, but you won’t.  Sleep deprivation will rob your memory of all moments precious and thrilling.  Pictures and video, my friends.  Your tired brain can’t possibly hold all of the awesomeness, anyway.

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1 Response to Long Days, Short Years

  1. Leah Zajac says:

    Oh good! I’m not the only one with a kid who refused to eat dinner (tears, drama) last night. I even gave him his favorite foods!

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