Pants 1, Toddler 0

Nowhere in life does your daily routine change faster than in parenting.  Swifter than the seasons, more turbulent than the tides, kids speed through whirlwind changes that dizzy the parents way more than the kids.

No DavidAnd thus we find ourselves in that tricky juncture between “I want the kids to learn how to dress themselves” and “DEAR LORD we are running late!  Gimme those pants so we can get the heck out the door!”

I have never been a schedule padder. Something as simple as frost on my windshield can disrupt my whole morning. When it takes 40 minutes to get shoes and jackets on two kids, and get them from the front door to the car…there might as well be a downed oak tree blocking my route to work.  I wish I was kidding about the 40 minutes.  I’m really not.

If I want my boys to learn how to put on their pants by themselves, I will need to get up at 4am, make breakfast, and hand them a pair of jeans by 5am.  With any luck, we’ll be in the car by 8:15.

Today they’re looking at the snow with gleeful anticipation. I’ve promised that if they agree to wear their snow gear, they can play outside.

Inventory: snow pants, double socks, sweat shirt and pants, winter coat, hat, mittens, boots.

I will get halfway through dressing them, at which point one or both will inform me that they need a diaper change.  If I start now they should be ready to go by tomorrow morning. Make a snow angel for me — I need all the help I can get.

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