Mom School

Batman ValentineThis Valentine’s Day I was uncharacteristically prepared. I had cards purchased for Corey, my mom, my mother in-law, and I even got a box of kids’ Valentines for the boys to pass out at preschool.  I’m not that mom.  I’m NEVER that mom, not because I don’t wish their super-cute friends to have a happy Valentine’s Day, but because I’m just not strategic or organized.  

I was almost smug in my Valentine’s preparedness this year. I took the boys and the cards up to preschool yesterday and proudly pulled the cards out of my purse…only to discover that just about all of the other moms had done the same.  I was expecting to feel “I’ve finally got my shit together on this mom stuff!”  But then I realized that if I hadn’t had the epiphany in the Target Valentine’s aisle, my kids would have been empty-handed when everyone else had brought something to share. I dread that this will become the norm.

Anybody else feel sorry for Aunt Julie?

Anybody else feel sorry for Aunt Julie?

Which brings me to this – where is this Mom School that everyone seems to have gone to except me?  I don’t mean that “don’t leave your kids unattended in the bath” kind of knowledge.  I mean the hostess-y, orange slices for snack, moonbounce at birthday parties, pre-printed playdate cards kind of info that I seem to be missing.

When I was a kid, there was no parental orchestration of play.  I played with the neighbor kids or I was SOL, relegated to the back yard to make mud pies or figure out how to play badminton for one.  Not that I don’t appreciate play dates – I think it’s a good idea, especially if the kids already have an affinity for each other.  I just don’t know how to do it without seeming like the awkward preteen at a school dance.  Does your kid want to play with my kid, during which you and I will make chit chat that may or may not be enjoyable? Tempting, I know.

I’d like to think that I’m not the only mom who feels weird about this.  Maybe I have late-onset social awkwardness.  I just wish there was a guide book so I knew when to show up with cupcakes.

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2 Responses to Mom School

  1. KK says:

    If you find that book, let me know what it is. I keep thinking, I’m only 32; I’m not old/mature enough to do this “mom” stuff. And who wants to make special snacks for 2-year-olds? Will they even remember? 😉

  2. apotts31 says:

    Yeah, I am so that not mom either. I once went to a kid’s party with my son where the hostess had not only hand-made personalized party favors for each of the attendees, she had done so in each of their favorite colors. I’ve already begged forgiveness from the parents of all my son’s friends. I’m just not able to devote that level of research and energy into their gifts. They are lucky when the cake is home made.

    Good for you though on the Valentines. I pleaded snow delay.

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