Crate and Barrel Dreamin’

A few nights after we brought Cade home from the hospital, I remember peering into the crib and thinking, “Oh my God – my life will never be the same.”  Now I barely remember what my pre-baby life was like.  Oh, the free time I must have had, and not even realized that I had it!  I could have gotten up in the middle of the night with nary a Matchbox car-related injury.

A recent trip to Crate and Barrel was a fascinating reminder of my old, boring life.  I hadn’t been in a Crate and Barrel in years.  Raising a two- and three-year-old is not the appropriate time to be bringing new glassware into the house, and thus I had no reason to shop there.

Sangria PitcherWhen I stepped into the store a few weeks ago, I was met by acoustic folk music, clean, bright pottery, and displays of throw pillows that called to mind picnics with Prosecco and strawberries. I stood there amid the bundles of crisp linen napkins tied with whimsical jute twine and was transported back.  Back when it was easy to pay $40 for appetizer bowls shaped like seashells, because I had a decent shot at entertaining other adults who could theoretically eat watermelon and mint salad from said bowls while enjoying sangria with fruit I had picked myself at a local orchard. Of course, I’d serve the sangria in an elegant, hand-crafted pitcher that could also be used to brew sun tea.

Today I had lukewarm apple juice from a single-serve plastic tub. My seashell bowls haven’t seen the light of day in years, but I get to picnic in the dirt with two of the handsomest bug-catchers in my zip code.  That’s better than anything you could ever find in a catalog–but I may return to Crate and Barrel soon to daydream.

Fish Plates


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1 Response to Crate and Barrel Dreamin’

  1. nora says:

    Happy Mother’s Day from a mom who misses the picnics with her toddlers.

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