Sorry, Target Parking Lot

So it’s been a year since I last posted. For awhile I figured I’d just let it fade away – life was definitely keeping me busy and that’s just how some of these creative endeavors go. But much like eczema, the writing bug does not go away easily.


StormCade: I wish I had superpowers to fight the storm.

Me: There’s a superhero who does. Her name is Storm. Want to see?

<Show him the pic. Feel smug that I’m promoting female superheroes as part of traditional superhero canon.>

Grady: Why doesn’t she have a shirt on?



Hold still. I’m going to choke you.

photo 3Cade: Let’s go to the hotel and put our pajamas on.

Me: (looking around at gorgeous beach, dolphins frolicking in the sea, sunshine)

It’s 3pm.

Cade: But the hotel is AWESOME.

Mommy, I have to pee in the Target parking lot. Right now.

The blog’s BACK, baby!





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