So Much Time for Mistakes

PegCatA week is plenty of time to rack up the parenting mistakes  This week has been especially productive in the Oops department.

  1. Couldn’t get to grocery shopping until the kids’ only choice for breakfast was dry cereal. “Can I have waffles, Mommy?” Nope. “Peanut butter and jelly?” Nope. “Oatmeal?” Sorry, kids.
  2. At Grady’s request, I put little red stamps of a seahorse on his hands. He asked for more, so I put one on each foot. Took me until the next morning to realize I had accidentally given him stigmata.
  3. 11722058_10153119201013666_4063927119442312163_oLaundry – same story as the groceries. Both boys went to bed in Corey’s old tee shirts because all kid-sized PJs were dirty.
  4. I tried a new math TV show with the kids. Turns out it has stickiest theme song in the history of unholy jingles. Incredibly sorry I’ve done this to myself, even if the show teaches calculus to toddlers. Oh, how I miss Peg + Cat!
  5. After swimming lessons, the boys and I all changed in a family changing room. Grady narrated loudly about my anatomy as I got into street clothes. The only way to salvage my dignity was to rush outta there with zero eye contact with the other grownups at the pool. Corey will be chaperoning them to swim lessons from now on.
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1 Response to So Much Time for Mistakes

  1. Jill says:

    I think you’re still okay. It doesn’t sound like anyone will require extensive therapy yet (except for maybe you)..

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