I had ONE job

So many nights end like this, when I was supposed to run one stinking errand that I ultimately forgot. Sometimes it’s picking up Dwight’s psycho doggie meds, sometimes it’s a forgotten loaf of bread or gallon of milk, and then there’s nights like this — when my choices have predestined me to yet another night of angst and no sleep.

We have one boy who sleeps in underpants. Another who still needs the pull-up. And last night I used the very last pull-up, which meant I had to make a run to the store for more today while I was work. Which, of course, I forgot to do.

Chris Farley is El Nino

Chris Farley is El Nino

By the time I got everyone home and fed, the skies opened up and a horribly misplaced February thunderstorm rolled in. The boys whimpered. Then they cried. Then they clung to me with the force of mutant spider monkeys armed with duct tape. And I realized that there wasn’t a single pull-up in the entire house.

I peeled the boys off me at bedtime with lots of snuggles and promises that I’d be right outside the door. I bribed my way out of there by turning on an extra night light and letting them sleep in the same bed.

Think of me at 3:30am, when one of them will absolutely have peed on the other. I will be cleaning and consoling little boys, changing sheets, and cursing El Nino for bringing a February thunderstorm that made a forgotten trip to the store that much worse.

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4 Responses to I had ONE job

  1. aviets says:

    Probably doesn’t help, but I’ve lived that night, too. Fingers crossed for a miraculously pee-free night for you.

  2. Lala says:

    You are an amazing mom. That is what the boys will remember – not the forgotten pull up. Before they are grown men who love and appreciate each other they will have tested the bonds of brotherhood far beyond an accidental early morning biological ‘shower’.

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