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Reflect and Change, or Not

Our next guest blogger wants to remain anonymous.  Not the type of Anonymous that just hacked and took over the evil Westboro Church’s Facebook page, but regular anonymous.  Please welcome our first male guest blogger! I’m not going to proclaim … Continue reading


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It’s Time for Holi!

In  the spirit of this week’s “Family Traditions” theme, it’s time to welcome our next guest blogger, Amita!  Dr. Amita Roy Shah is an Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University.  She also has professional experiences as a teacher, curriculum … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing

I’d like to warmly welcome our next guest blogger, Al.  She is a jet-setting, world-traveling, sexy kitten who takes no prisoners during her weekly pat downs at the airport….which she secretly enjoys. I am a 38 year old single female.  … Continue reading

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