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Won’t You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise?

Welcome to our Guest Bloggers Extraordinaire!  Our first installment is brought to us by Sloane Peterson.  When not sporting her white fringe jacket, Sloane enjoys exotic sports cars, spending time with Abe Froman, and building terrariums for carnivorous plants.  Welcome … Continue reading

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Here Come the Guest Bloggers!

I’m proud to say that I have some witty, creative, and interesting friends. It’s only natural that I would tap them first when looking for guest bloggers. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be tossing the occasional guest blogger into the fray. I … Continue reading

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About the Blogroll, Part 2

Back to my amazing friends and family who are blogging.  I’m an only child, but I was blessed with a ton of awesome cousins.  This installation of “About the Blogroll” is about two more of these fantastically talented family members. … Continue reading

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