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Daydream Believer

After multiple failed attempts to get the boys to nap today, I finally gave in and took them on a nap drive. (Immediately beforehand I learned that Cade HATES his new shoes.  Old ones are wet with creek water.  Barefoot … Continue reading

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Cracking Open Like a Soft-Boiled Egg

When I became a mother, two things surprised me.  Actually a hell of a lot of things surprised me, but let’s focus on two.  The first was how much more patient I had become.  Everything sloooooows down with a baby. … Continue reading

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Great Cat Turd Debate of 2012

Generally speaking, I think neighborhood covenants are for the birds.  I’m all for neat yards and stuff, but I really don’t need nor want a community board deciding what shade of beige I can paint my house.  My neighborhood, thankfully, … Continue reading


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