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The Things You Put Off

Procrastination has always been a hobby of mine. Occasionally I’d flirt with going pro, but it never seemed like a real opportunity until I had children. Put me in coach; I’m ready for the Procrastination Olympics. In my rattled brain, … Continue reading

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My Blood Has Been Replaced by Glue

I knew that bringing home a newborn into a house with a 10 month-old would be a test of our stamina.  Actually, I’m putting it kindly.  We knew it would be a torturous hell of nonstop work, aches and pains … Continue reading

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You’re Braver Than I Am!

This is what strangers would say to me when they saw my expanding belly, barely hidden by the stroller that held my infant.  “You’re braver than I am,” and they would smile with fake politeness and shake their heads bemusedly … Continue reading

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