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I Am Sheldon Cooper. Or Maybe Raj

As evidenced by my blog absence, I have been in a writing rut.  I have also been in a thinking rut.  There are times–and I think all parents would agree–that the household routine becomes so…routine, that getting through your parenting … Continue reading

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No Commercials for Hooper’s Store

Ah, the election.  Once every four years our citizens are subjected to so much spin that we have vertigo by election day.  I will absolutely not get into politics here, but I will dive into kerfuffle about Sesame Street and government funding … Continue reading

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Reading the News Is Bad for You

Recently, I decided that reading the news was bad for me.  Actually,  I think it’s bad for anyone.  Take this sampling of headlines from today’s major news sites: Teens Guzzle Hand Sanitizer Mother in Custody after Stabbing Child at City … Continue reading

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