About the Blogroll, Part 1

Not to brag, but I have some amazing friends and family who are blogging.  These links are a permanent fixture in my list, but I wanted to take a quick spin around the blogroll to let you know who else is out there.

Baked by Yael

Yael is an old friend.  She and I go back over 15 years, which is why I can say that she is a fantastic baker.  She started as strong high school debater, then became an attorney (which was not a surprise).  But THEN, she decided to chuck it and become a full-time baker.  Her baked goods speak for themselves, and they say that leaving law was a good choice.  Go to the website and order some of her homemade bagels.  You won’t regret it.

Glinda Quilts

My fabulous cousin is quilting like mad, and blogging about the beautiful and creative pieces that she makes.  My UK relative is not only generous and interesting, she’s also breathing new life into a time-honored art.  See what’s new in the traditional art of quilting!

Gypsy Monkey

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to push your life aside and start a whole new one in a foreign land?  Wonder no more –you can peek into my friend Alyson’s life to see exactly what awaits you.  Alyson left the US to work in the Middle East, smack in the middle of the Arab Spring.  That’s worth a look!

Her City Life

Washington, DC is a bustling metropolis.  There’s no denying its importance, its pomp and circumstance, and it’s colonial finery.  It’s elegant and its gravitational pull is worthy of a visit.  If you want an insider’s point of view, take a trip to Her City Life.  This site takes a deep look into the bones of a city, and what tantalizing tidbits one can discover if you just take the time to explore.

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